Cleo Barnett is an artist and organiser based in Auckland, New Zealand and Seatte, Washington. Her practice is community-based, research driven and collaborative.

In 2009, Cleo founded First Thursdays, an arts initiative to support space creation and collaborative cultural production in Auckland, New Zealand. Since then Cleo has been on the founding team bringing to life Art Week Auckland and All Fresco, two thriving community centric art festivals in Auckland, New Zealand. Cleo has been involved in events and festivals around the world including the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Samoa and Thailand. 

Cleos' work is more often then not showcased in the public domain or situated within non-traditional art spaces. Analog photography, spatial design, place making and event based work are the mediums she uses to engage with the world around her. 

Graduating with a double degree in Political Science and International Business from the University of Auckland in 2013, Cleos' approach to developing public art and community projects is distinctive.